Free Bulk GEO IP Locator tool that you can use!

As an internet user, you must be aware that every computer on the internet has a unique IP address associated with it. Do you know that this combination of numbers & dots can point to your exact location? Isn’t it wired that people can easily locate you if they have access to your IP address!

How does knowing the location of an IP help? Well simple!

It can help users to get relevant info on the internet . If you are aware of the IP’s geolocation then one can customize web content like websites and advertisements in a particular region that meets the need of that region’s customers. Since we now know the location, relevant weather forecasts and spam prevention can be achieved. The most important aspect is the prevention of fraudulent activities and transactions.

Is this getting a bit too complicated? Don’t worry and dump the fussy technicalities as free bulk GEO IP locator tools are there to help you out. There are a plethora of such tools, reliable in nature, available to determine an IP’s geolocation in bulk. The information given by these tools comprises of the latitude & longitude coordinates, zip codes, country codes, continents, local language, and even the currency!

Here is the list of 4 bulk IP locator tools for you.

1. IPligence

2. IPStack

3. ipapi

4. Smallseotools

1. IPligence offers a number of services that are both free and paid. One can easily use their free bulk IP locator service which can take up to 30 IPs at a time.

The outcome comes in the form of information about the continent, country code, longitude and latitude, owner, postal code, area code and much more.

2. IPStack is a well-reputed and extremely trusted API which has the recognition of giants like Microsoft and Samsung. This platform again provides both free and paid services. In the free bulk service, one can make up to 10,000 search requests per month.

They are also blazingly quick with a location rate of 24 m/s and the services cover both IPv4 and IPv6. Information like location, time zone, and currency can be viewed.

3. IPapi provides a variety of services including bulk GEO IP locator services which is limited to 20 IP addresses per session. It supports various data formats like JSON, JSONP, XML, CSV & even YAML.

One can use scripting like JavaScript and PHP to customize the search results. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 formats, and one can see the information given by the search below. The fields include continent, country code, longitude and latitude, city name, postal code, currency, languages, etc.

IPapi also gives you the feature of fraud prevention.

Here is the bulk IP locator service.

4. Smallseotools provides bulk GEO IP locator services along with a number of other web tracking services in its arsenal. One can search 20 IP locations per session in its bulk IP service.

Similar information is given like continent, country, city, geolocation, language, etc. are given in the search.

However, one must use their own discretion in choosing which IP locator tool they want to use which depends on the accuracy of data given by those tools.

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