How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

Let’s face reality. The number of bloggers publishing content out here daily is staggeringly high. Statistics show that in March 2019, roughly 4.4 million blogs were created every day. 

Many bloggers are guided by the hopes of driving traffic to their blogs and improve their rankings on the web. But how many are actually able to rank high on the search engines?

The common misconception with business is that if they drive traffic to their blog, clients are going to read. This is wrong. Research has shown that most people won’t read more than ¾ of your blogpost. 

So you ask how you can write a blog that will keep clients scrolling to the very last period. The tips below will help you write more captivating posts.

Use Sources to Know Relevant Topics

A common mistake made while blogging is an assumption. Never assume that your clients want something. Rather know it. Be sure about it.

There are a couple of SEO tools available online that you can use to know what the popular keywords are. You can then write your post centered around your findings as opposed to the traditional method of writing your blog before using the SEO tools. 

Also, use sites such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, and LinkedIn to get answers to the questions you may have. These platforms provide insight into many relevant topics.

Write Irresistible Headlines

Moz estimates that, 8 out of 10 people read the headline, yet only 2 out of 10 will read the entire article. This shows what your priority should be when writing. 

Your headlines should be compelling enough to make readers want to know more. Renowned blogs such as Buzzfeed and ViralNova use attention-grabbing headlines as clickbait. 

Make sure that your headlines are remarkable and spark curiosity.

Maximize on Visual Content

Statistics show that the human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than simple text. The use of images is one way to keep your readers glued to their screens. 

Make use of infographics, memes, and screenshots to pass a message and also break huge chunks of texts. Content generates lead generation opportunities for firms. Focus on the solutions you offer your readers or value you provide your clients. 

Write Action-oriented Titles and Meta descriptions

Many blogs rank highly on search engines but don’t bring in the traffic. This is because they don’t use action-oriented titles and Meta descriptions. Both can influence the number of people reading through your blog.

They persuade your clients to take action. Combine them with keywords that you readers usually search for. However, be careful not to saturate them with keywords as Google will penalize your site for spamming. 

You can use action verbs such as “download,” “learn,” and “discover.”


By now, you have a few tips that will help you increase traffic, clicks, and conversions. Compelling headlines, action-oriented titles, and Meta descriptions are some of the goldmine hacks used by SEO bigwigs in the market. You can incorporate them into your blog and create better and mouthwatering content that your readers will love and read through.

You will need a seasoned professional to help you do this. At, we will not only help you get more clients but also retain your previous ones. Contact us today for more information.

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