Magnetic Curtain Buckle/Tieback/Straps for Indoor Windows of Homes, Offices and Hospitals, Home Curtain Decoration

Is there difficulty to tie your Curtains?
Are you unable to find something to Buckle up them?
Do you want to make your house look Decorated?
What could be the best option for strapping Curtains?

Well, we have a Product for you, Which can solve all these problems.
For all these Questions we have a simple solution for it, Magnetic Curtain Buckle.
It has a wonderful attractive design which can be seen in the pictures.


It’s very easy to use once you have it in your hands you just have to hold your Curtain in a position you want them to be and then circle around the Magnetic Curtain Buckle.
Here you have it, Your curtains will be buckled up nicely in the position you have adjusted them.
After that you are ready to leave your curtain as they are clipped from the Magnetic balls.
This product can be used in anywhere Homes,Offices, Restaurant or In Hospital Windows as well.


Type : Curtain Buckle
Material : Rob + Magnets
Package include : 1 pairs/ 2 pieces
Total Length : 30/40 cm/15.75″(Approx)


Magnetic balls– It holds the Curtain with its Ball Shape Magnets.
The magnets are made strong enough to hold the curtains.
Once you buckle up your curtains both magnets will attract each other which will give a strong force to hold them.

Rob Design-The Rob has a length of 30/40 cm or 15.75″(Approx).
Rob color is matched with the magnetic balls which gives it a pretty look.
With its beautiful and attractive design, it makes your curtain look more gorgeous other than clipping them with a simple rope or clip.
It’s available in different colors which help you match with your own choice.

Curtain Decoration– It is mainly used for the purpose of decorating.
It gives an attractive look to the curtains as well.
Curtains, when wanted to clipped this item, helps a lot.

Beautiful Design– It has been designed in a way to give an appealing look when attached to the curtains.
The Design over-all makes it look beautiful with a rob and balls of magnets attached at both ends make it feel attractive as you can see in the pictures.

Its available in different colors.
You can buy one that matched with your curtains.

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