How to Receive SMS Free Online in Canada?

Do you know that you could receive SMS online for free? Yeah, I know it sounds astonishing and far-fetched to some extent, but what actually amazed me is not the free part, but the online part. Seriously, how is it possible to do that?

Even before we answer the question “how?”, let us, first, get to know what receive SMS online is. As the name suggests, it is a free online service that lets you receive SMS messages online without any registration and verification. Beautiful, right? As if that is not interesting enough, it allows you to receive SMS online from any part of the globe. It also gives you the advantage of activating any social media account you possess. From Facebook, twitter to Instagram, you name it!

Now, this is where the question “how?” comes in. Well, a lot of people receive SMS online websites or software that offer a range of virtual phone numbers you can choose from. They are called virtual since they are only available online. First, you will select a number from the listed numbers on the website. In the application or website you want to receive an SMS from, you will enter the chosen number. Now, wait until they receive your SMS. A point to note is that to avoid another user from re-confirming the number on the same site, these numbers are altered daily. Easy right?

There is a website called , it has multiple free temporary numbers available to receive SMS online. you can use any of these numbers to receive verification code online free. These disposable numbers are good to protect your privacy as you don’t have to disclose your personal phone number while signing up an account or app. Just use free disposable phone numbers available at

Then, the next question would be, why use receive SMS online service when you already possess a cell phone number? Protection of privacy is one of many answers since no registration is required. This means, that you can confirm registration to any social media platform without exposing yourself to a breach of privacy. Cell phone numbers can expose you to this when you use them to activate social media accounts. This gives spammers a free way to your personal information and the next thing you know, your phone is full of spam.

Another reason would be that it allows you to have multiple accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter as you are not restricted by the concept of one account, one number. The reason that sums it all is that you are safe from scammers because you are practically anonymous.

This SMS online service is crucial for those people who value their privacy because no personal information is required to access this service.