Temporary Mail Service in Canada

Often products and services aimed pages need a valid email id to register users. The nature of this registration is to provide easy access to view and receive content. Unfortunately, some websites make use of your email id for unsolicited Email spamming. But thanks to Temporary Mail Service for providing dummy email addresses for use in untrustworthy websites that keep your email id private, secure and confidential from intruders. The disposable email service our firm provide exhibit the following properties:

  1. It expires after a prescribed time limit (maximum 48 hours), which is versatile and flexible.
  2. It disables two-way communication. You will only be able to receive emails.
  3. You can only receive Html and text messages because the file attachment section is disabled. The attached files are prone to viruses, so this feature provides state-of-the-art security.
  4. Complete Anonymity
  5. Cleanliness: We believe brand image solely depend on email hygiene. A dirty email template results have more than a 40% chance of being unread. A clean disposable template circumvents this problem
  6. Verification: Being one of the top trafficked channels, we guarantee verified temporary mails that increase customer engagement and Return on Investment (ROI).
  7. Superlative: We cater to the right point of entry through leading pages. You can connect through Zapier, API, and JavaScript Widget.

Why should you prefer our Temporary Mail Service?

The programmers of the relevant website do not need to create a particular testing email inbox. In our dummy emails, that testing inbox is readily available because of our streamlined application programming interface. In this technologically advanced world, everyone is concerned about privacy and safety. Our company fully understands the responsibilities that rest with our well-rounded team at an integrated protection mechanism. The associated services we provide are not susceptible to spamming; therefore, you will enjoy the perks of subscription protected content. Our main limelight, when creating emails, is focusing on email deliverability and inbox placement.

Furthermore, we have Promotional and Social Tabs Rollout to filter and screen the emails into tabular form. We’ve recently introduced a new feature- Annotations in the Promotions Tab- which helps us build customers’ confidence. This feature will help you highlight important information like expiration dates, codes, and deals, which is otherwise compromised.

Unlike other disposable email providers, we don’t provide skewed email addresses, which ensures that your emails are taken into consideration and not ignored straightaway. As evident from the analytics, we have a bare minimum churn rate. We never breach data nor carry any mismanagement chaos.

Whether you want to create disposable emails or temporary email service, we’re here with the right tools for you. Take 20% off on Plus and Saver accounts and enjoy unlimited disposable emails, analytical statistics, customizable portfolios, infinite sets, and many more. Enjoy the flexibility of financing with PayPal Credit, a convenient line available at eBay, and thousands of additional retailers.

Our company boasts a professional team of programmers who are the face of our company; hence you can expect only the best from them.