Things to do in Jasper National park

Jasper National Park is situated in Alberta, Canada. It is a beautiful area covered with wildlife, colored lakes, mountains, and breathtaking views. It is one of the largest national parks in the Canadian Rockies. The less commercialized, and rustic beauty of the region is what makes it more attractive than Banff, almost year-round filled with visitors. A lot of tourists love to visit Jasper national park because of its scenic beauty.

 You might be wondering what things you can do in Jasper National Park? Well, there are a lot of attractions for every age group in the park. Some of them are listed below:

1. Maligne Lake Cruise:

The most talked-about thing at the Jasper National Park is the Maligne lake cruise. It is located at 45 minutes distance from downtown Jasper. At Maligne Lake cruise, you can spot wild animals. The lake is beautiful. You can get yourself a boat or rent for kayaks. The guide will also be with you on the boat to help you out. While you are cruising on the lake, the guide will tell you some interesting facts about the lake’s history. Moreover, you can experience glaciers and the changing color of the lake while cruising which is quite soothing to the eyes.

This place also has some refreshment shops for travelers from where they can buy food and other stuff.

2. Jasper Skytram:

The sky tram is a great place to experience the breathtaking beauty of downtown Jasper from above. Jasper SkyTram car can hold 26 passengers, plus one flight attendant. Essentially, flight attendants are tram tour guides, who will point out points of interest and address any queries.

When you reach the top, you can hang out at the tram station with your friends and family. There are also some restaurants and gift shops where you can buy stuff.

3. Valley of 5 lakes hike:

With every degree of expertise, this is a perfect climb. At around 3 miles it’s pretty short so you’re doing a fair bit of moderate hiking. You’ll be fine to go if you have the right boots, bear spray and if you like, hiking poles.

The trek brings you down to 5 lovely lakes! There is a place at each, where you may opt to go down and reach the surface. There are also some wooden benches and some red chairs where you can lie down and chill out for a bit. Before going, make sure that you have checked the map carefully.

4. Beaches:

The beaches are pretty awesome. Your kids can play in the sand and build beautiful castles. Having a day at the beach is just what you need to make the kids rest and enjoy.

You can also find a playground and a great picnic area where you can enjoy with your kids.

5. Lake Annette and Lake Edith

Located across the Athabasca River and just north of downtown Jasper, Annette and Edith’s lakes are perfect places to experience a fun jaunt or a full-fledged adventure. Travelers will enjoy a day camping and barbecuing, sitting in the iconic red Adirondack chairs in the woods, and hiking around the different tracks.

Recent travelers were taken aback by the cerulean water of the lakes. They suggested carrying a camera to take images along the primary hiking trail. It’s a great option for hiking enthusiasts.

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