What is Temp mail? How to access it?

What is Temp mail?

Temp mail is also referred to as temporary disposable emails. These mails are useful for providing a temporary, secure, and disposable email address that you can use to send emails without exposing your real email address. The reason why this is known as temporary email is simply that it has a limited lifetime of a few minutes or weeks. The temp email is also known as 5-minute mail, 10-minute mail, 20-minute mail, throwaway email, fake mail or trash mail. These emails can be generated using auto-email generator tools that are easily available online and you can make emails ranging to different durations, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 day or even one week.

How to identify temp mail?

These temporary emails are generally easy to detect. Most of these emails come with a subject line that might make you scared or feel anxious. The reason why these emails have such subject lines is generally that they want to have your attention straight away and suppose if someone gets an email that says “Unauthorized login”, 9 times out of 10 a person is bound to read such an email immediately.

Also, the email address will be easy to identify if it is real or fake. These emails are usually a combination of a long list of string (alphanumeric) characters which is quite visibly a fake email address. No human being would be able to recall such an email address.

What to do if you receive a temp mail?

It is best that if you get an email from such as email address you do not trust it, there are certain links that we should not open until we have fully known the source of the email sender and whether or not it is worthy of your trust or not. If not then you should immediately put that email into the spam mail list.

The better way of using temp email:

However, not all temp mails are a scam or something that you should worry about, you can use temp emails to protect your email from the websites that you have to register but you are unsure of whether they are secure or not. For this purpose you can simply apply a temp email and register for the site without giving away your real email and compromising on the security of your personal information.

Other than the security, you might also want to stay from annoying advertisements bombarding your email inbox. The best way is to register through a temp email and in this way the website doesn’t get your real email and would not be able to send you unnecessary emails as well.


While some people may use this service for bad, it does have some very useful and in fact secure ways of being used. Moreover, once you think that a service where you used a temporary email and now you trust that service you can register with a valid email address after some time.